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Petit déjeuner à la française

dimanche 16 mars 2008 par Carole Larroze-Chicot

Un petit déjeuner typiquement français ( chocolat chaud + baguette + croissant ) a été organisé au sein de l’école primaire de NORTH FERRIBY afin de montrer notre mode de vie. Un vrai succès ! Plus de 200 adultes et enfants y ont pris part. Ci-dessous le compte rendu de cette activité relatée dans la presse locale.

Children at North Ferriby Primary School Enjoy a Petit Déjeuner

Two hundred parents and junior children enjoyed a typical French breakfast of hot chocolate and croissants, pains au chocolat and baguettes served in North Ferriby Primary school hall at 8am, with a further breakfast arranged for the younger children the following day. Members of the North Ferriby Le Pellerin Twinning Association were also invited.

The children have regular French lessons, helped by Chris and Margaret Swindin, and Desiree Betts of the twinning association. They have put the school in touch with pupils at the Primary School in Le Pellerin with whom they exchange information about themselves.

“This breakfast will give the children a real experience of how French children of their age begin their day,” said Miss Ann Goforth, Head of the Primary School. “It will encourage them to think about children in France, and particularly Le Pellerin and the differences in food as well as language.”

Last month a Friendship Agreement was signed in North Ferriby by the Mayor of Le Pellerin, Daniel Morisson, and the Chairman of the North Ferriby Parish Council, Julie Abraham, as a significant milestone on the way to the full official twinning of the two communities. A second signing ceremony will take place in Le Pellerin at the beginning of June.

A group of 35 adults and children from Le Pellerin are visiting North Ferriby for five days from July 31st. The small town of Le Pellerin is situated on the banks of the River Loire, ten miles downstream from the city of Nantes.

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Over 200 children, parents and members of the North Ferriby Le Pellerin Twinning Association enjoyed a French breakfast served on the school hall. A second breakfast was held the following day (cliquer sur l’image pour voir les photos)

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